Eggshell Wardrobe, or Volume-filled Frocks?

I’m making clothes for my nekkid models(their whines for modesty will dwindle,I hope). Should I give them volume, or leave them ‘1-ply’ (with thickened sleeves/cuffs/collars/etc)? Which (if anyone knows) will work better(or at all) with the upcoming Cloth modifier? Do I use parenthesis too much?(:D)

Yes, you do use () to much!:wink: I think you should make your clothes have volume, as a single poly thickness for clothing would be unrealistic. But, people get good results with it all the time, so I don’t know… How about making them single for now, then adding volume if needed, or just if you can while using the cloth modifier. I hope this helps.

How about a half way house, just extrude and fold under the visible areas to give thickness. Otherwise your mesh would be mad to manipulate if you double up your vert count.

Modelling should be ‘fit for purpose’ so its of little value to create areas that will always be hidden… I waste so much time doing things ‘in case’ I might need the detail instead of being focused and doing what I need to acheive the result Im looking for.

Is it just me, or did you just answer yourself? :wink:

I would say you should probably wait for the cloth thing to be implemented, if possible. It also does depend, as denshidan said, what you need it for. Long-distance shots, etc, there won’t be a difference, so go with 1-ply. But if you’re going to see both sides of the clothes, or something like that, I’d say go with thick cloth.

Thanks for the replies. I’m gonna try 1-ply and bevel the edges for thickened ends …I hope that came out clear…