Egipt mini set: Rig + experimental use of Bmesh (video preview and .blend included).

(The Ankh of Isis).

By chicOrtiz.

Frame reference:

Zero: 0 to 23
Iddle: 0 to 38
Run: 2 to 25
Shoot: 8 to 13


  • Hack: To make B mesh work in the Blender Game Engine one needs to add a mirror modifier with unchecked axis.

  • Made in Blender 2.71

  • The model needs to be on action Zero starting frame to make the realtime cloth work properly.

  • There is a internal cloth simulation (Blender Render) on layer four.

  • Femi’s mesh inpired by the works of Eskil Steenberg.

  • Key words: ankh Royal Ontario Museum

[SOURCE (.blend)