Ego shooters to be forbidden in Germany?

Yesterday an ex-student of a school in Germany went back to his school, wearing heavy weapons, smoke grenades and bombs, shooting around.

Some students and teachers were hit, but no one died, apart from the shooter , who hot himself in the end.

This happened before in 2003 when an ex student shot 13 people in a school in Erfurt.

Back then, they found a copy of Counter Strike in his apartment (oh my god, I say already), and some politicians started a discussion about forbidding violent computer games.
At that time it was already obvious that these people had absolutely no clue of computer games, and most of what they said was total crap.
They wanted to find out about negative influences of computer games, but studies couldn’t proof anything.
It was quite clear that excessive playing would mean a lot of problems, but psychologists said that excessive playing is always just a symptom, never a cause of problems.
Later they found out that the student had a lot of pressure from his parents related to school, and in general, a very disturbed relationship to his family. They made this out as the cause of the killing.
Politicians, and some other very one-sided people kept fighting against the gaming industry anyways, and at least they could achieve a raise of the minimum age you need to have to buy a copy of counterstrike.

Now, after yesterdays event, the first thing they found out was that the student was known to play counter strike, and politicians want to forbid:
-“Killergames”, as they call them (meaning just about every ego-shooter), as well as their production in Germany. (Would mean heavy Problems for Crytek for example)
-All violent media

They do even want to search the internet for violent games (quite logical, at least, more stuff get’s distributed there)…

It is clear that, same as 3 years before, people look for a scapegoat, a simple solution, and they want to get rid of things they don’t like (and don’t know about).

This time the shooter left a letter anyways, that lists reasons for his rampage:
He was sick of the state, and about the fact that everything is about money, even in school. He hates the society, and from the many qoutes I read, I can totally understand him. What he does in the end, is attack the german state and it’s system. Of course politicians don’t see that (same as teachers), as he makes us aware of social problems in our country, that are currently being discussed anyways, but as our politicians are, they don’t want to know about anything of that, and of course, Counter Strike was the source of his violence.
This is the typical human behaviour when you are made aware of problems that exist in your society, and you, as well as others would have to change to make that better…

It is the same thing as always, the details are important, but the general problems are not. We destroy our environment and more and more people die of cancer, but soot particle filter for Trucks are not necessary.
An ex-student goes mad and wounds some people, and all gamers are killers, and Video games must be forbidden.

In this sense, I can only add one sentence:

Games don’t make people violent, Lag does!

computer games are almost half of the education we get, when ever some one wants to teach a leson they make a game that passes a point


Social engineering anyone?

well as far as I do not agree that video game are the problems, I do have some problem with your post. I don’t want to turn this into a political/value argumentation. it’s far from my idea. I must be misunderstanding your point. so don’t feel attacked in this, I just want a precision.

Are you saying that, you understand WHY this kid went and shot at people and that you think we (I’m exagerating here but you get the point) should excuse him because he showed some flaws of the society?

Because if this is your point…I’ll be kind of afraid of you from now on…but again, if this isn’t what you intended to say…do not feel attacked…I might be misunderstanding…just that we had a school shooter here in Montréal a couple weeks ago…and even tho the guy did have some mental issue (from what know anyway)…his actions are in no way excusable…

but yeah…those politician are damn stupid. about every young adult have a copy of counter-strike anyway…

“Excessive playing”… Every obsessive behavior is bad, whatever it may be. And Rinne is quite right pointing out that compulsive behavior is never a cause, but an effect, a symptom.
No-one without any ahem “issues” would do that, even if they play games with so much bloodshed it would make the devil cry. If games really were the cause we would see such a killing about every day, if not more.
And I agree with Ecks for saying this is a political thread (partly) so it might get locked.

If games really were the cause we would see such a killing about every day,

Haunting remark.

No, that was actually not quite the thing I wanted to say…

I was just saying I can understand what kind of problems he had, the “solution” he has chosen is one that is unexcusable, anyways…

Hope this doesn’t really turn into a political thread, though, it was just a bit of anger I had (and still have, as more and more news are coming out, showing people (especially, yeah, politicians), and more and more texts evolve calling gamemakers bad people with the intention to make people kill others and stuff…

That’d make me a bad person, because I’m was fiddling with mods for FarCry and Operation Flashpoint, as well as I am currently trying things out with the Blender GE.
And it would of course make me a Killer, playing these games as well.
But really, I have never even pushed someone since I was 8 or 9 years old…

I think the people taking the approach to talk and openly discuss about violent media, rather than having their minds shut, saying things like “This is a topic not to discuss, it simply doesn’t fit into our society!”!?? are on the right way at least…

yeah i say ban killer video games… they are not productive to anyone, and they are to close to reality.

games about killing on a larger scale (C&C type games, army games) are not close to reality, since nobody can really get hold of an army any time soon.


I don’t think you can really say Counterstrike is the problem… The kid obviously had some problems before he played that game if he went into a school with bombs and grenades.

I’m agreeing with Alltaken… For the most part. They shouldn’t be banned, but they should be harder to get for people under 17. Games rated “M” are illegal to sell to anyone under 17, but they still end up in a kid’s hands eventually.

I’m all for cracking down on enforcing the ban of sale of M rated games to minors.

However, my government shouldn’t be able to tell me what’s morally right and safe to play.

Dictionary definition: see: Missing the point. subcategory: entirely

there are studies I have read that say violent videogames in most circumstances reduce violent impulses - the only exception was kids younger than 15. who shouldn’t be playing those games anyway…

Please tell me you’re not this stupid.

Funny irony though, I laughed, even if it was at you.

:::reads own post::::


I should just give up and go with nerdranger. it would be simpler for all of us

that and I’ve got a wicked buzz

You know how many 8 year olds are playing GTA VC and other such highly realistic games?

this is when peoples personalities are being creted and shaped. once you are 18 most of your mind is pretty much finalised, but to many kids have some damn crazy games.

funnily my parents thought it was fine for me to watch adults movies that had “sexual jokes” but were not happy at all with me watching movies with violence. good call i reckon.


“if games influenced people all the people of the 60s would have kept doing is walking around eating little yellow pills and listening to repetitive music…oh…wait a minute”-some comedian on the comedy channel

balance. If the kid gets mostly good solid traning, then even at 10 years old a few hours a week of violent games won’t affect him. but leave him to play all he wants and don’t train him in right and wrong, and he’ll be a selfish little pig who would hurt people anyways and the games just give him Ideas of how.

Keeping games away from them is a straw man
Spend time with your kids and teach them acceptable behaviour and reward them for good and punish them for evil. That’s the centuries old proven way to keep society decent and good.

Some people say when playing games, we can play away all our frustrations. In fact, by playing we only forget about them temporarily.
I have a better way to bring your level of aggression down to an acceptable level (yes, there is a thing as too little aggression) and it can be found in this thread.
I also think an age limit is ridiculous. Some 12 year olds are mature enough to know 18+ games are mostly things they shouldn’t do in real life, but then there are 30 year old people who still don’t understand why stealing is wrong.
You age says little about your mental development (bar the first decade or so of your life).

Exactly the thing we learned in education class in school, and exactly the thing I agree with…

Germany has, to my knowledge, the hardest restrictions in computer games in the whole world. Counter Strike is rated 18+, games like Gears of War are on the index, what means they may not be sold in public, meaning that you have to get a lot of games from other countries. FarCry Version 1.0 was even forbidden in Germany after a week, and they had to release a softer Version for the German market, resulting that Version 1.1 was the first legal one here…

You are right, anyways, it is still easy for 10 and 11 year old’s to get games rated 18+, as long as the parents don’t pay attention. And who does?

Most parents don’t even see their children during the day…

Most parents don’t even see their children during the day…

A sad commentary about the times we live in.

Before video games (yes, I am that old…) I remember setting up plastic soldiers in mousetraps and then setting up the means of their demise! It did take a bit of imagination though…I think violent video games leave little to the imagination, and sort of act like a “guide”.