Ego shooters to be forbidden in Germany?

I totally agree with san_diego_james. If your parents really care for you and they spend time with you and give you all the love they have to share, you wouldn’t even think on harming society.
Family is the base of society so if you have a good family you’ll end having a “mature” concept of society with peace-oriented morals no matter how much killing games you play or violent movies you watch.
I started playing Wolfestein 3D at age 7 and when I was 10 I got fascinated with Duke Nukem 3D… What a game! (Shake it baby!)

The first question that comes to mind: “How old are these individuals?”. You must be 18+ to play these games.
Violent games are banned - and adventure games rule the world
It’s funny, also features a Post FPS world where violent games are banned and users are forced to use antique home computers from the early 80-ies…

Anyways, on topic I think that there needs to be some limitations (8 year old kids playing GTA in my mind is pretty bad IMO) but it varies from person to person on whether the game is appropriate. Besides, I thought the ESRB ratings were recommendations only, and that stores could choose whether to abide by them or not.

Very funny to click around there :slight_smile:

Meanwhile german lawyers have found a forbid of violent games to be legal…
The law seems already to be on it’s way.

They have tried to put counter-strike on the index already when the “killer of erfurt” was in the news some years ago.

They always need a scapegoat, no matter if here in Germany or in USA or somewhere else. And this scapegoat are the so called “killer games”… you can’t change that.

The motherfucker of bavaria, his name is Edmund Stoiber and he is the prime minister of bavaria, has said some very funny phrases about these games; he damns them and they are responsible for the insane kids who shoot around in schools but he has never said something against all the gun clubs in bavaria because they are “tradition”! HA!

I believe that kids today are under tremendous pressure. To succeed for themselves, for their peers, for the people their parents never became but wanted to be and for what society says they should be. As a parent with two boys under 10, I worry about the lives they have ahead of them. The idea of picking up a gun does not just come from video games, it comes from TV, neighbors with lazer tag sets and friends who hold “Water Pistol” theme birthday parties (All this from personal experience!)

I have found games like counterstrike a great way to blow off steam for a little while, but anyone who has spent a night asleep fighting the Strogg hordes in their sleep will tell you that there is a limit. How young, stressed or disturbed does a person have to be to play counterstrike until it no longer feels horrible to shoot another human being. It’s been shown that one of the reasons Newbie gamers reactions are slow is that there’s a subconscious reversion to killing. Hands up those who excel in Quake III because they can shoot without thinking? How about counterstrike? Halflife? School?

Where’s the line … for you? … for them?

@Ammusonist: an interesting point you make… Newbies have the subconscious urge to refrain from killing in video games… The question is: when you don’t hesitate anymore, is that because you don’t feel horrible shooting a video game character or because you don’t feel horrible shooting a human?
Kids are indeed under a huge amount of pressure. Society is just expecting waaay too much of everyone. The result? Depression, reduction of productivity, anxiety, suicide, murder… Nowadays, to get a job you need to be able to do everything, you need to be available 24/7 and if you dare to want a day off to spend with the family you’re a bad employee 'cause you’ll never have a good career (read: get the company more $$$) if you have aspirations beside career.
We’re expected to be so many things and advertisement and the media aren’t making things any easier on us. We’re even expected to be things at the same time which are just opposites. My motto: “Don’t like me? Well, I happen to like me!”

Here’s some of my input on this subject. I have changed my views on violent videogames since I started playing ‘The Godfather’ and ‘GTA: Vice City’. I really have to say that these kinds of games don’t make one violent. I play them for several hours at a time, following real-life traffic rules, I don’t mercilessly run over pedestrians, and kills in the missions are satisfying when they’re justified in the story. Like I’m the anti-hero being the good guy for a day.
Regarding the debate, I think what should really go on is stronger enforcement of age requirements and mild censorship, i.e. cleaning up the language in an alternative version either for the parents or people who just want to see the story in the games. I’m not for restricting the First Amendment in video games, but I am for limits on stuff like gore and strong language, things I think games can go without. ‘The Godfather’ is a good story, but not even the original movie had as much shooting or cursing as the game.
That’s my two cents for the day.

I look at it this way. My stats are made up, but, you’ll get the point.
If 60% of kids play GTA, and .0001% of them shoot people in real life, there’s no connection! If they find knives in your kitchen after you stab someone to death, they don’t ban knives.

But I do know that in the wrong circumstances, GTA/etc. could affect you, say if you were insane, disturbed, or psychotic. But I have pacifist friends who play those games, and hate violence in reality. It’s all bull.


Ok guys I have a problem.

I killed a few hookers like in GTA with an M16…


Someone please help me, I’m in a bind here. :frowning:

:rolleyes: Wow VK, that’s pretty harsh. I can’t believe you didn’t read up on this first…

Well according to Hitman 1 and 2 you could always dispose the bodies in big dumpsters and take on their clothes to fit into the neighborhood. Just enough time to runaway to your car.

                                                                  Originally Posted by <b>valarking</b>                     [![](](                 
             <i>Ok guys I have a problem.

I killed a few hookers like in GTA with an M16…


Someone please help me, I’m in a bind here. :frowning:

Well according to Hitman 1 and 2 you could always dispose the bodies in big dumpsters and take on their clothes to fit into the neighborhood. Just enough time to runaway to your car.
Waa dont use know that if the police do catch you, you just put the weapon cheat on and blow shit out of the cars with the rocket launcher. And if you still get nicked you just appear at the front doors of the police station.

Remember kids you can kill everyone and they’ll respawn again. Just remember that it doesnt work in real life. :slight_smile:

Violent games don’t make you want to kill. A poorly brought up life with anti-social parents and neighbour hood generally do it.

Ok guys, I soaked them in acid in my tub BUT NOW MY DRAIN IS CLOGGED.

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Curse you, video games!

You don’t know what to do… OMG you’re not worthy to know this … You hire the best plumber in the world… His name is Mario, don’t hire his lame brother Luigi.

Edit: For some reason Mario want to be called Super Mario, I think he got it from Super Wu-Man.

did you realize that a lot of these happened in schools.

lets ban schools.

killers that happen to play video games is just a coincidence, it could as well have been a book.
how do you know that violent people are attracted to video games and not that people who play video games a violent.

people are just using that as an excuses for the parents and the people who are suppose to take care of disturbed people

While I don’t believe that children (<13) should be allowed to play games like counterstrike on a regular basis, banning such games is going far overboard.

Plenty of people play violent video games, listen to violent music, read violent books, watch violent movies, and never become murderers because they know how to distinguish between reality and the fictitious realms of these modes of entertainment. Even my five year old nephew knows that the things in his TV shows aren’t real. If somebody is so impressionable as to be influenced by a video game, then something else was wrong with them to begin with.

Example: I play a game called Stair Dismount when I need a good laugh. The premise of the game: The player pushes a humanoid dummy off of a staircase, points are given according to the amount of bodily damage that is done, hilarity ensues when you push them off of the stairs in a humorous fashion.

Now according to the people who want violent video games banned, I should be running rampant through the streets, pushing people off of staircases. However I harbor no penchant for flinging others from atop staircases, and find the practice to be reprehensible.

It is also a fact that the same things happened before there were even computers…