Egyptian project. Updated 14/10/04

Hi, finished renders.

Improved renders added, please check my lowest post for the new links.

Click here for 600x800 318kb render.

Click here for 1200x1450 519kb render.

Tutorial to be completed over the next few days.

Click here for work in progress.

Thanks to all who offered advice during the making of the scene, you know who you are.


Great work. The sand is the only part imo that needs work. Well-done. :smiley:

That is very well done!

The sand does need work; it seems plasticy. Also, some of the designs on the walls look as if they have a high gloss finish. Turn down the spec.


Good stuff, Sonix! Now just throw a car in there for the heck of it :P.



Yeah cool stuff. The head is perfect now.
A thing still bugs me. The obeliscs look like video game models. The texture is a little flat and stretched. Plus when you see from the side, its volume and its carvings aren’t evident. I would actualy model the line that separate the hieroglyphs. Like I did on this picture (It’s very dark, you might wanna boost the brightness of your screen)
Apart from that, great work.
Keep it up.

quick crit:

-sand needs to be more detailed/higher resolution.
-pillars are too sharp edged
-a bit softer shadows would be a good thing

…otherwise, excellent job :slight_smile:

Needs work on the sand, needs to be more grainy (a lot more) like actual sand.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve uploaded a slightly updated version at the same links.

Worked on the sand.

Spec highlights have been an issue because I’ve been trying to show the bump maps without making the surface look wet, as in the previous render.

The lighting is in theory trying to mimic a flaming torch, hence the darkness and colour. This is also why the shadows are strong.

If I could find a better solution for the specular highlights then the obeliscs wouldn’t look so game suited. Their textures already have high Nor values but as soon as the spec is raised then they look wet although show the bump mapping well. Perhaps my lighting setup needs improving.

(Some one should ban me from posting in the finished projects, in fact I probably shouldn’t be allowed to post anywhere except WIP forum. :wink: )

Hi res version click here.


hey nice work, i think it could look a bit better if it had DOF , or maybe a slight mist, it just looks to clean.

The heads are fantastic, as you already know.

The rest seems to be of lower res and the scene lacks as a result. The lighting could be a little better as well. Your shadows are very sharp, as can be seen by the shadow of the pillar on the right. Some more moddy, blueish light added to the scene would add a lot IMO.

Also, the modelling of the pillars seems to be very low poly compared to the heads and other objects. They should be bevelled and have chippped, cracked, etc.


Make the bottoms of the walls and obelisk look more sand blasted. Since it looks like the sand blew into the room.

Ah, much improved. Now just add the aliens that built it. :wink:

Thanks very much for the feedback. Worked on the areas you’ve all mentioned and hope I’ve improved them suitably.

A new update at this link. Click here, then click on top image.

Hi res huge version click here.

The textures I used are now available on a CDrom; Total Textures v9. ‘Ancient tribes & civilisations’. Please click here to view the collection.

More tomorrow I think, I need to get a quicker rendering computer, these take too long!!

Thanks again for the C&C,


New AO composite, nicer shadows and lighting. Probably the last render.

Thanks for looking.


hey man.
like the idea, but it looks like a video game. The edges on the obelisk look too defined in the textures, which look pretty blurry, the objects don’t make any depression in the sand as they would even if sand was poured over them and especially if it was blown on them. The sand texture looks too blurry to be realistic. Overall nice, but gives me the feeling of Age of Mythology in game objects. That is just what they look like.

textures are a bit icky, and the top of the monument thing looks like bad jpg compression.

not bad. I’d like to see the tut when ur done with it. :stuck_out_tongue: