Egyptian project. Updated with scene 8/10/04

Please click here to view. Egyptian project (Updates at the top of this page.)

My first head mapping session. LSCM with seams. More and a scene to come.

Think I’ve got all the stretching out of the texture mapping. Seperate bump and colour maps.

C&C greatly appreciated and valued.



Wow, that’s very impressive - no crits from me. Is the peeling paint done with just a bump map? Could you post a wire?

that is incredible!
however, i think that the paint near the upper cheekbone streches a bit too much

Wicked work, Sonix. Other than the crits that are already mentioned, the symmetry of the texture (same one on both sides of the face) kind of throws me off (especially on the forehead).



spot on!

nice work buddy, consistenty impressed…

looking forward to your tutorial.


The texture looks a bit fuzzy and there is slight stretching in the vertical direction.

Otherwise it’s a nice texture, but it just doesn’t seem to come out right.

Could you post the unwrapped texture for comparison?

looks awesome no crits from me :smiley: oh only one i think, the eyes seem weird :stuck_out_tongue:

looks absolutely fantastic dude. stellar texture work.

Thankyou my friends for the feedback.

Thoro, the head is a makehuman woman I made a while ago. The peeling paint is just colour and bump map textures, I will try to remember to post a wire for you, but it’s the same as any make human mesh to be honest.

Kramer3d, you’re right. The eyes, cheek sections and the area behind the ear need to be tweaked. Will post an update tonight.

Blockcube mate, symmetry is not important in this case as you won’t see both sides of the head at once. (See scene render in link below)

Hazmat, thankyou my friend. Keep bugging me for the tute, otherwise I’ll find some excuse not to do it. :wink:

Wiggie, I know what you mean. I think it’s down to the spec map or lack of one. It doesn’t look right, but I think some of this is down to poor lighting. Once the mapping is finalised it should look better. Unfortunately I can’t post the texture because this is work for an upcoming texture cdrom from 3dtotal. I can’t post the textures because they haven’t been released yet.

Grimreaper, thanks. I’m going to do some more work on the eyes today.

slikdigit, thankyou.

Please click here to view first scene render. Scroll down the page. Also put up a black and white version with a smidgen of post processing in PS7.

More to come.



Great work.
i’ve got one crit. The paint on those statues is thick and stick to it so much that when it crumbles, the stone of the statue itself often crumble with it. That beeing given, the ear shoud be broken. Plus the ears are fragile part on a statue. It dosn’t look very realistic on your picture. Look at nefertiti’s chest foer instance:

I don’t say your picture isn’t realistic I say it’s barely possible to see that kind of ear in real life. I know I’m beeing picky saying that, but since you manage to get very close to photoreal, I think that should help.
Great work anyway.

The texture work is phenominal sonix. Just wicked work.

I tend to agree with IgorSandman about the ar section though.

Nice to see you can do other stuff than nice shiny cars too. :wink:


LOOKS AWESOME! :o keep it up sonix

Igorsandman, thanks for the reference and the idea. Have now knocked off part of the ear and made a partial version too. These heads are made of pottery, so are hollow and textured to match the rest of the head.

BgDm, thankyou my friend. It makes a nice change to do something other than cars and droids. :smiley:

Grimreaper thankyou, hope you like the updates.

Sorted the rest of the stretching in the mapping, also played with some scene ideas.

Please click here, updates at top of page.

Vases will also be broken, needed to map them first. I appreciate that they wouldn’t be whole objects in this enviroment. :wink:

Any more C&C welcomed and valued.



Moved to finished projects.

Thanks for looking,