EH-101 Cormoran chopper over skyline

I did this awhile ago, but was too busy to post it. Everything is done in Blender (chopper and the city). The sky and textures: they’re maps and photoshop creations.

looks very flight sim to me.

great models, with better textures, this could look really nice.

IMHO, the sky sucks.

keep trying!

I don’t have the time. Texturing infinite numbers of buildings gets kind of boring, but thanks for your comments. Time to move on, I have other things to do right now.

Chopper looks good, but the buildings need better textures.

The chopper could use some textures too, and the ground needs a bit of work. I like the chopper rotors alot. You’ve got a nice blur look to them.


I did this picture about two months after I started using Blender. Like I said, I learn from my mistakes and I move on. Thanks for your comments, i’ll know better the next time.

nice chopper! last time i was out on the islands, there were not towering condos. :wink:

Oops, that’s supposed to be Harbourfront. My mistake, what would I do without you guys. I know, there’s an airport on one the islands. I lived there for 12 years, but I haven’t been there since 1995. Things change so quickly, especially downtown. I did the city from outdated pictures and memory.

Ah, good ot see old toronto, my home town, wooo hoo!

I was just at the CN tower a few days ago… mighty high… love the glass floor.

As for your pick, reall really needs textures, I know you don’t want to do it, so i suppose it’s a lost cause, but frankly, i think a blended toronto could be really cool

if you want to send me the . blend I’ll texture it.


I recognized Toronto immediately (ok, I guess CN tower was the give away), although I’ve been there only once.

Great job.