Eight ball classic and simple: WC entry


My planned entry for this week’s WC

Kansas glad to see u back and kicking. Your improving a lot. If the 8 ball is the focus of the scene put a light on it

If the eight ball was normal (didn’t have legs :stuck_out_tongue: ) It would be fine lighting if you just added a small lamp.

For some reason the dressers dont seem to fit… Try a bar stool or a beer or whiskey on the edge of the table. Great Job so far. Next time try posting in the WIP forum. You’ll get much better and more helpful replies there.

I felt I needed to put something there so it wouldn’t look so empty, Hmm, so maybe stools would look a little better.

the reflection on the ball could be a bit higher. a light on the 8 ball, and the dressers in dark shadows so you realy get the focus on 8 ball (you can just add a negative light to tweak) also with this tricks the dressers will not need to fit as they will seam to be background, not realy part of the subject. Also blur could make a cool difference here and help as same thing as shadow. The keyword is focus!
blend on!

The other balls ought to have faces with frightened expressions. Nice work otherwise.


nice idea. The 8-ball really needs to be lighted up though.

  • emk

Updated the image, had to redo the lighting setup since I forgot to save it after rendering the first image. The 8 ball is where it is because that way it’s in front of the camera.

This would look great with some DOF

imo the lighting is good with the 8 ball in the dark gives a felling of the ball being shut out from the rest because hes “diffrent” or oppisit way round and hes shuting them out because hes an evil dark 8 ball :<

the other balls could do with a brighter or bigger spec depending wther u want realism or not :smiley:

I do have high specularity on the balls as I set them in the material options. It could be just the lighting.

ok the hardness. if you can’t get them more “white”, at least get the spec more sharper. you can crank the light a bit too, it wont hurt.

Only I already submitted the image, and I don’t think you can tweak an entry after you submit it.

you can tweak a entry. As long as it is tweaked before the deadline the most receant entry will be used. It says in the rules some where. Also nice picture I think faces on the other balls would be cool.


I never intended for the other balls to have faces. But i’m glad you like it. I improved the specularity and made the pool lights brighter thus making the image brighter because of increased intensity for the bounce lights.

Still even though this may give me some votes I still think Modron’s image is going to be tough to beat.

Updated again, one ball now has arms and the other two have a leg. Also improved spec.
NOTE: probably will be last update.