EinsteinDwarf Free Rig and model

For several months I keep thinking that I should post Einsteindwarf to this forum but somehow I never get to actually do that. So finally, here he is:


NEW: Link on Blendswap

I am going to use him in my own short movie, so please
don’t use it in commercial projects.

If you use it in non-commercial project, please attribute me.

Character has been rigged with EinsteinDwarf armature and mesh
has been parented to armature with bone heat vertex groups.
no other bone weighting has been done.

Process of transfering the armature to any humanoid character
has been described in article in “Blenderart #15” magazine.
In my estimate any humanoid mesh can be armatured in less than
an hour.

EinsteinDwarf Armature is free to use in any of your projects.
I have invested a lot of time in its development and I would
highly appreciate if you atribute me in any of its uses.

Also. I would like to know (and hopefully have) any of its
modifications and improvements done by other users.

Please don’t use Einsteindwarf character or armature in any
work that promotes pornography, gambling, violence, hatred and
intolerance of any kind!

Happy blending!

[email protected]


Man, I hate shared interwebs…‘You have reached the download limit for free-users. Would you like more?’

Any possibility you could upload the blend file to the server here as an attachment? I’ve been collecting all sorts of different rigs so when I run into a problem I can see how others did it and learn from there.


Don’t worry about it, I hit reload right before I was going to close that browser tab and the download worked.

Let me say… the model is brilliant and it is a very interesting source to learn from.

Thank you so much to sharing that!

@ShilaM: Thanks! I hope you’ll put it to good use!

Very good rig, Riste!
Worth studying it and trying some animation with the character :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing!

@Syziph: Thanks! just yesterday I downloaded your RUKI Character. I love her! Great work!

Can any one use this rig for any use free of cost?
There is a problem downloading. Why don’t you upload your model here
I have also uploaded my modelhere

@ kkrawal: the rig itself is free for all uses (after all, large part of it was made using parts of other rigs by Bassam and Calvin)

Some restrictions apply to the mesh itself (read above)

I don’t know how to upload to blendermodels…

This file is also contained in blendfiles of Blenderart#15, so it can be downloaded from there, too.

Thia man looks cute~ thanks for your sharing~!

Hey thanks for sharing it. I just looked at it, and it is a very very pleasant rig. Your model does not have a cornea? Uhmm I my add it. I will do a quick short animation for your rig. I’ll keep you posted.


@blenderguy2000: yeah please do add a cornea! And I would love to see him animated!

For the moment only good material to learn from! :slight_smile:
I completely suck at rigging and animating
so your .blend can surely come in hand with that!

Thanks again!

@ ShilaM: Thanks. Actually, there are much better rigs around, but this one is quite complete as it is and I think that it is easy to use and transfer to other characters (Look at Blenderart #15). Other easily transferable rig is Blenrig by JPBouza.

Dam! there goes my plans for him! haha j/k!

look foreward to downloading this guy later or maybe now…maybe when i get around to it :slight_smile:

yay , cool :slight_smile:

Very nice rig. Thanks for sharing this. I like the most is the ease of use and simplicity. Thanks again I will learn a lot from it.

Nice rig Riste. Because rapidshare is such a huge pain, i mirrored it on my server. Maybe you could put the link into your first post so that people can see it.

No waiting,
and a 500KBs dl speed.

Download Here.

@ALL: Thanks, I really do hope that you’ll find it useful. I think that one good side of this rig is that it is transferable to other characters in a very short time, without the need for bone weighting.

@radialronnie: thanks, rapidshare is real problem, but in a absence of my own server space…

Very nice rig. The facial controls are icing on the cake. They are very advanced for a blender rig. I will look to duplicate that kind of functionality in my own rigs.

My only critique is that the custom bone shapes hide your character. I personally prefer using minimalistic custom wire shapes like curves and circles on my own rigs.

@ Nathaniel: Thanks, although i cannot take the credit for the facial rig. It was developed bu Calvin (thanks, Calvin) and i just adopted it (and hopefuly, improved it a bit) for the character. About the visibility: at the moment, i am using control bones in wireframe mode for the very same reason.