Eint-One object

Is there a way ot make the Scene>Edge>Eint effect only be for one object?

Yes, look up tutorials from Cog and you will find a sea scape where he used renderlayers and compositing to toon edge only the objects floating in the water - gave it a nice illustration feel. I’m sure it has something to do with renderlayers, so search that topic in the search bar.

I couldnt find anything.:o:o


I hope this is what you are trying to do - look up the tutorials there, or check the ones posted on Blendernation.com. I remember seeing one on the buoy picture, with the separate objects being toon edged.

Edges are defined to render or not on a per render layer basis via the Edge button on the render layer tab. If you want different colored edges for different objects or different Eint values then you have to composite using multiple scenes with different edge settings. All objects on any render layer will render with edge values if edges are enabled so set your render layers up accordingly. Rendering across multiple scenes via composite nodes is accomplished via the little set of arrows on the bottom left corner of render layer nodes.