Eira character design

Eira, the main character of a sci fi project called “Corsairs” that I am working on which is basically a combination of Zootopia, Aliens and Firefly…and maybe a bit of Starship Troopers, that film rules! <3

She is one of several other anthropomorphic characters that I finished and will post either here or on Artstation.

  • Everything is done in blender and I am currently using 2.79

  • Character is fully rigged using the standard Rigify and other elements such as facial expression, tail and ears are done by a custom rig I made and added to the existing Rigify rig.

If you like this one and want to see more, follow me on artstation https://www.artstation.com/foxtrotcharliestudios

If you have any questions just write though I suck at answering and constructive criticism is always appreciated :slight_smile:
Have a great weekend!