EISKO announces a new rig for their animatable digital doubles - download our free r

Hi there!

I work for Eisko, a studio specialized in digital doubles. We’re focused on the 3D capture and photorealistic reconstruction of human beings.

After weeks of R&D, we are glad to announce a new version of our rig for our animatable digital doubles. For this occasion, we are sharing as a preview a free sample of our work: a fully rigged head model.

Download this fully rigged head with its 154 blendshapes for free on our website: http://www.eisko.com/
Read more on: http://blog.eisko.com/


Don’t hesitate to try it out and play around! Also feel free to send us your renderings and animations, or contact us if you want to know more about our work and digital doubles!


None of the links you’ve provided seem to indicate what format you’re using to provide your rig. Is this something that you’ve tested and confirmed to work in Blender?

Fweeb I don’t think so a friend working there seemed to imply it was Maya-only, though when you think of it it’s mostly blendshape-driven so pretty much software agnostic. If I understand correctly their credo is they make a full head rig with a lot of possible expressions on top of the model you provided, and they can do it in batch without much knob turning apparently, it adapts to different morphologies. I still tend to prefer bone-based facial rigs because the obvious linear look of the blendshape kills it for me, unless you make a hundred of them…