Ejecting solar panels rig

Can someone help me with rigging of solar panels on the probe ?
Thank you.


sure, can you explain how it deploys ? do you have video reference ?

Other images on 123rf search “Communication Satellite” show panels flat, so… guessing this photo is during deployment.

Do you have a model? Is it from online source like NASA?

Use bone on each panel and constraints to make it hinge and animate bones.

Sounds like a neat animation brewing. Good luck.

Hey, Here is a pic of the rig set-up (+/- how ever many panels). Look how there parented (daisy chained) and how the they use different X invert. Rotate Bone to deploy. I would not parent ‘Bone’ to anything, instead parent the Armature ‘Object’ to something.

Thanks a lot !

Noob question… the same ‘rig’ can be achieved without using bones, just add object constraints to the parts themselves and parent them to the previous parts. What’s the added benefit of adding bones?

Armatures have a pose mode with posing/keying tools, layers, etc. They behave differently in regard to transform values (bones are always zero’ed-out) which is pretty much a necessity in character rigs (maybe not for simpler mechanical stuff like this though), they have layers as well which allow for quick showing/hiding and for giving controller colours. They’re self contained and all in all better suited for complete rigs.

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That makes a lot of sense. Thanks.