Ekrano (minor update)

My ekrano project, version 0.1:

I’m basing my design roughly on the Fischer X-114.

Updates as they happen…

i would suggest lowering the tail, and making the cockpit longer. other than that its too early to tell anything

Obviously, you have never seen an eckranoplan.
Those angled thingies on top of the Lun are anti-ship missiles.

Ekranos are boats that ride a little high on the water, not low flying aircraft…

The tall tail is a matter of perspective, really - it’s no taller than your average unlimited-class hydro. It just happened that my camera was at the level of the base of the horizontal stabilizer.

And yes, ekranos need that tail to be well out of ground effect - check out the FS-8, which is also based on the X-114:

An ekronoplan in flight is close to the surface, but completely out of the water. You can see this in the video of the FS-8. In the literature, the ekranoplan is described as a wing-in-ground-effect.

An unlimited hydro contacts the water at 3 points ( most/some of the time! ), the propellor and a little bit of each sponson.

Like I said, they ride a little high :wink:

They are still regulated and classified as boats.

Minor update, added lateral stabilizers.

Currently working on the sponsons. Haven’t come up with a shape I’m happy with yet, though.


If anyone would like a .blend of a Clark “Y” airfoil section, let me know…

Been working on the sponsons (and playing with 2.3 :D):

Not quite there yet, but it’s getting there…