"El baño"

Hi, this is my first interior render with PBR shader materials. Cycles, 2000 samples.


My website: www.fabianbarrazaz.wix.com/dsrender


What PBR shader are you using?

who teaches in this tutorial Andrew Price: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3wghbZ-Vh4

Very natural result.
I like specially the courtain and the way it falls and the window light through it.


There’s just too much noise in the image. I would bump up the samples considerably, leave it render overnight.
If you are not already, try using light portals to help with the light transmission through the window (meaning less noise with less samples)…

Thanks men!! i’m using light portals in this render. I think the noise is the texture of film grain that I applied in photoshop.