el Pajarrito! [added a Wallpaper with him friends!]


Here is an image that i made some time ago, his name is Pajarrito, a little bird. Sorry if i dont tell more, 'cause my inglish is very poor heheh :smiley:

here is!

more renders of Pajarrito:
with some old friends:

and a very, very small video:

Blender 2.33a, all procedurals.



Looks pixelated around his beak but it’s great looking.

OMG I love it. It has so much character to it :smiley: And I love the two friends :smiley: You wouldn’t be willing to render a full version for a wallpaper would you :wink:


hey a wallpaper? great idea! :smiley: i’ll make one, but my monitor is kind’ old, so i use 800x600, but a wallpaper 1024x768 is right?

whatever, i’ll do it at that size.

Thanks again!

Thats wonderful…he’s got so much character that you want to see more. It’s not about the texturing or the photorealism or ten billion verts that took you 6 months to render. Thats a great character! I’ve seen 4 stills and 15 sec of video and already i want to see more. Those facial expressions are what makes it…the 02 picture is great because of his eyes…that expression is priceless. :smiley: keep it up…we want more!

You have a great knack for modelling great characters venomgfx. This is no exception. Great character design. Looks fantastic.


you really should write a story for these cute charaters (or find someone who does). it’s the same for me than for the others: i would like to see more of them!

I really love this character. You give him such a personality.

One of your other characters looks like a cross between a couple of the beasts in “Where the Wild Things are” by Maurice Sendak. Is the little red fella inspired by that book at all?

Thanks to all, i really appreciate that you post here.

No, Carnerito (little red fella) is the result of hours playing with the default cube, (hours 'cause rendering took a lot of time).

Thanks again, i might that tonight i’ll do a wallpaper, if i have time.



Here is a wallpaper, Pajarrito and some friends…

800x600 heheh

and 1024x768


These are great characters!!!

Venom I would not call the guy on the back yours. Because its based on another character that you did not make yourself. You can get in trouble

Oooo. Controversy. What character would that be, Red?

Very, very nice style. I really like them.

That Chararcter is the “El principito” (I dont know the English name) by Antonie de Saint Exupery http://www.getxoweb.com/Principito/lepetitprince2.gif
And I think you can spot him

The little prince? I love that book.

I don’t see the resemblance. The blonde one?

Great characters, Venon! The Pajarrito is VERY expressive! Congrats!

Thanks to all!

i’ll post some characters that i did’nt post before


venomgfx - links are dead :frowning:

The little prince has this exact image on the cover of every book sold around here, and yet somehow the character in the back didn’t make me think of him, not for one second…
So, does this mean that from now on noone can create a drawing or model of a guy with any kind of blue medal, especially if he has blondish hair (hey, your prince has red one), especially if it’s unkempt?
Should every actor be sued if they appear in movies with hair like that? I mean come on, they resemble the little prince, look at the hair!
That said he could have based it on the little prince, on Exupery’s drawing (for that it is), but come on, it’s an artistic interpretation for noncommercial purposes…

hey, I have an idea, let’s sue those guys who make spider-man models, and let’s sue shadowman for his superman model!

This is getting ridiculous.

BTW, red, do you have permission to post Exupery’s drawing here? You could get in trouble you know (if you don’t have the permission).


I just love these characters, really high quality, keep up the good work, and I hope to see you in the making of some upcoming Pixar movie :slight_smile: