Elastic time animation

I just finished a 9 minute single shot camera animation (30fps) 80Mb, in Blender.
There happens a lot in this product demonstration, which is taking place on a street.

I find it difficult in those longer animations, with multiple actions (a short story line) to keep a fluid flow of everything. Sometimes i trick it a bit (just slightly move the camera in dead moments, so there is some action going on, but thats not ideal.

I’m using Camera targeted at an empty and animate locations of both.
But also all actions have to go at ‘believable speeds’. There has to be a little movement always as i dont want “time dead” periods in the animation, the flow should always go on.

While on a smaller scale (ea several objects selected) Curve window, and dope sheet work realy nice. Its difficult to make full shot time corrections (ea over +80 objects), if in between 60% and 78% of the timeline it could use some speedup then its pretty complex to do so.

Having some master control over time (trough a curve) would be nice, but we dont have that in Blender as far as i know, so my animator question is how do you make sure its all ok ?

You can add a Speed Control Effect strip above scene strip in Video Sequence Editor.
Then, you can tweak, animate speed factor of this strip with a f-curve.

Wont that cause frame jitter (ea something not going in sync width 30fps) ?

Scene strip is treated as a mass of virtual frames (not rendered, yet) in VSE.
Modify speed factor of such strip is just modifying corresponding time of this frame.

If you give a value below 1 to speed factor about an image sequence to obtain a slow motion effect, it can be a problem to not have enough images in sequence.
Blender can not guess what should be missing frames. So a frame from image sequence will be displayed during several frames of video creating a visual stepping.
A jitter will only occurs with f-curve corresponds to a jitter.

If you are not sure to understand, just make tests with a dummy blend file.
Play with speed control effect strip a little bit in order to understand it enough to avoid problems.

hmm i do understand, I dont see it as a solution, rather as workaround of a feature missing in blender not optimal.

The VSE trick will work to speed but not to slow down.

Time Remapping (in Properties - Render - Dimensions) WILL slow down… but is quite strange and confusing to use.