Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion

Just curious but who in here likes the game? My second question is, what 3d software did they use to create the charecters and scenery?

I love Oblivion!!! That’s one of the greatest games ever created- once I install my new graphics card and memory, I’m definitely going to buy it.

I don’t think they ever really said what software they used for the characters- 3ds max is what game designers typically use, though.

ya got it on the pc looks great love the gameplay and the hackabilty of it

yeah its a fun game, but takes to much of your time.

and its inventory system is terrible in terms of usage.

fun none the less


It’s a fun game, but i don’t like the way you develop your character much… you can end up getting screwed later in the game by having a character that’s too weak to fight anything if you’re not careful. The graphics are incredible, but you need some seriously beefy hardware to run at high settings. I have Dual 7900 GT’s and the damn things still choke a lot on the higher settings. The music is freaking awesome tho… it was worth the 50 bucks just to get the mp3’s for the soundtrack on my HD.

so yeah, i’d say 3d studio. You could do it with pretty much any software I guess, so long as you could export to the right filetype.


I chose a random character at the begining, and i have not found that you can screw them up so you can’t win fights. i have a witchhunter, bowman, with good sneak and security skills. (really random combination)

I maxed out my Bow skills to 102, so have now started fighting with a blade to beef up those skills. its not hard to start again with a poor weapon or magic area and quickly improve the skills to 50+


Well I got hooked on Morrowind I picked up at a 1/2 price Bookstore a few years back … so much so that when I found out Oblivion was coming out last year I bought a new computer for it (you need some serious graphics cards to play) … serious time sponge . Though it’s the reason I discovered Blender - (they give you a level editor on the PC version) . The .NIF format (Net Immerse File) has been hacked since Morrowind and it’s still the format for its game engine . I was looking for a converter when I found Blender (the .Nif export pyton script is on SourceForge if anyone is interested - though a word of caution do not use the .exe - installs a backdoor - I don’t think I got mine from SourceForge but better to err on the side of caution - just use the .Zip ).

And yeah they use 3DMax for the game (they have a plugin for Max that exports to .nif on their website) along with FaceGen (the software that lets you customize your face for the game) and something that generates the vegetation realtime -don’t know the name of that one .

Don’t play it much anymore - too busy learning Blender :wink: oh well at least I have some decent equipment to muck around with 3d .


Yeah it’s really hard to screw up you character too much if you know how the game is set up . I mean everything is based on your level . Unless you walk into something specific for the main quest with your character not quite up to par or get attacked by a dozen critters - you really have a hard time getting yourself killed . I kinda got bored after I had a character that had mostly 100+ stats (I had him do all the various quests in the game) who was hard to kill even with half a dozen monsters attacking him - the leveling system is a little too easy compared to Morrowind - you can have pretty high sneak skills just by toggling on “sneak” all the time .

Maybe I’ll play again when they comeout with an expansion pack …

I have Oblivion for the PC, and I love it. It’s fun to just wander around the world doing nothing in particular.

I also enjoy using the level editor (available on the website) to do funny things.

It’s a great game and… I got the expansion pack for Christmas (haven’t checked anything out yet though)

Got the game and expension. To bad I can’t really get anny of the awsome graphics out of my 50bucks gpu but none the less still more then enjoyable.
Sooo manny things to do. The only thing that bothers me is the AI of the NPC’s, they don’t recognise you and allways talk about the same stupid stuff (Fable is better for that).

I like it, (got it on 360) but i think it would have been better had they made it like a mideval GTA. basically so it’s exactly the same game, but it would give you the freedom to be bad, and run form the fuzz. i remember starting the game, and then accidentally punching somebody, then i ended up just running around for an hour with the entire armed forces of the game chasing me. then i got into the mountains, they caught up, and i got pwnd. all for a measly case of assault. hell i don’t even think i broke the guys nose.