Made in ZBrush, Blender and Photoshop


not bad
but why you use zbrush for it?

Why not? In my experience, the sculpting features are faster and stronger than Blender’s, and the pixol-painting is great.

Very nice model. It has a sort of animal like quality to it, like a werewolf in transition. One thing that looks odd are the wrinkles on the neck. They look like rake marks in clay, not like wrinkles in skin.

Very nice indeed!! That animal like look gives me the creeps!!

Thanks. Before he had hair, he looked even more animalistic. I was surprised at how much the hair humanized him.
The marks in the neck are from ZBrush’s rake tool. I just kind of liked the way they looked. Like an old burn scar or something

Awesome head, how long time did it take?

I like the rake marks it reminds me of the short “Code Hunters.” It is like the rake texture was drawn with a pen, coal, or something.

Hmmm, Its hard to say how long it took. I was also watching/listening to TV while I was sculpting. It was a couple late night sessions of a few hours each for the sculpting. The painting was probably about 20 min with going back to it a couple of times while testing the material. Its the first time I have used the hair system, so that took a good portion of Saturday night.

Yeah, some of the earlier versions reminded me a lot of an European comic illustrator whose name I can’t remember that uses a lot of colored pencil hatching

He looks the way i feel.

I’m sorry.

Freaky freaky. Strong impression indeed.