electric chair

Been fiddling with this image for a while. Took me ages to work out how to create the chesterfield style chair, but got there in the end.

I’ll leave the story to your interpretation.

All modeled and render with blender, with post pro in photoshop.






Amazing! My only comment is that the donunt texture looks a little bland. Also the little green monster looks like its 2 colors unless that’s what your going for. Other then that fantastic.

authenticity…man u bust my eyes. gallery stuff.

Wow! Rocking :slight_smile:

Awesome! I gave it 5 stars!

As always, crazy and awesome. :slight_smile:

nice, keep it up!

Your material and lighting work is outstanding, really good job on this.

I think this is one of your better ones so far.

The only weakness is the green hairball, there looks to be spots where there’s solid bright green.

that’s ART!

Wonderful as always! Gallery stuf!! :yes:

I really like the character work and the various peices of art ont the wall :slight_smile:
the only think i can say is that it’s hard to tell what to tgreen thing in cage is, i didn’t know till i read it in another post, but it’s still amazing
5 stars :smiley:

excellent again! need more poke stuff!

man, this is soo awesome. i adore your style and sense for humor and for colors. i want to have poster of this!! do you have a highres-image of this? how much do you want or that? that printed over my tv… that’d be cool. so, is this for sale? :smiley:

thanks for all the comments guys


Yes this will be available as a print when I get time to sort it out, my prints are usually at http://www.clickforart.com or http://pokestuff.imagekind.com/ check them out in a few days.



i’ll buy that in large. :yes:

You have a style of your own and that style is just wonderful. I like everything about this.


Hehehe! Lovely scene and characters, man! Nice toning too! :slight_smile:

Impressive deserve 5 stars !!
Good job !