Electric Charge - Music video (speedrun)

Hi all
Long time no see, Blender! I hardly managed to open the software - it has changed so much. I don’t remember the hotkeys, I remember nothing about it!
Anyways, I did this speed thingy: the whole thing was done in 12 hours (Music:4-5h, animating: 3h, rendering: 4-5h)
So it’s not that cool or anything. But I’m quite proud for I managed to do an animation this long after that long a pause with Blender. Opinions appreciated, as always! And be sure to watch in HD

About the vid:
1 layer, 1 scene(dur. 6090 frames), lots of alpha and particle fun

The part where it roates round the particles falls at around 2 min 20 could have been faster or more interesting (more colours) but apart from that awesome work.

if you dont mind, how do you get the effect of it dropping particles ?
and how do you add objects without them being seen before a certain point? and also make dissapear

Thank you for your replies.
Evil Moon MOose, it’s quite simple: you just set the particles to emit, and the gravity will do the rest of the work. Play with the settings and you get all kinds of results. disappearing is done by keying your alpha channel: in the material settings, move the alpha slider to zero, key it and then change it in other frame where it should be visible.

thanks that really helps