electric guitar body

Hi to all, I’m new in blender and obviously have some problem. I’m try to modeling the body of an electric guitar. I’ve started with polyline from a background image, extruded it and turn it into mesh. Now I need to have an edge more rounded and smooth, something as it does the bevel function (but I’m not able to use it in this case absolutely)
Thanks to all


when i start learning blender i made guitar like you - from line? but it make triangle meshes. Try to make guitar body from plane.Add plane to a scene and subdivide it with ctrl+r then move some point, scale and extrude like this


Hmm, no replies here. If you’re still out there, haven’t figured it out already and haven’t given up, what you needed to do was bevel it using the curve tools before you made it into a mesh. You could then adjust the bevel resolution to create the needed recursion.

Also, you might have got away with reducing the curve resolution before making it into a mesh. Now if you wanted a curve across the top (i.e. model an arch-top guitar), you would have a real challenge – that’s what I’m working on right now! :evilgrin: