Electric Guitar lightning paint concept

I love electric guitars. I love everything about them. I also love 3D modeling. So it was only fitting that I would eventually model an electric guitar.

I’m currently eyeballing a black, shiny Samick AV 3 at my local music store. One day, I had a vision of beautiful blueish-violet lightning lighting up the face of that guitar. Then I thought, “Meh.”

Nearly a month later I was browsing at my local flea market, when my attention was purloined by a pretty black paperback book, entitled “How to Custom Paint Damn Near Anything.”

At the low low price of $2.99, the book practically bought itself. I began to ruffle through the pages. In between delusions of grandeur and firm grasps of reality, I reasoned that I could at least plan something out. So I began to sketch my idea on paper. A single line no longer than an inch had been drawn when I remembered Blender and how good she had treated me over the past few years. The paper crumbled and trashed, I fired her up(Blender, that is, not the paper).

After five hours of work and six cramps in seven different fingers, it was finished – the perfect guitar. Or at least a virtual representation of it. My inspirational story ends here.

Here are a few renders. It isn’t perfect, but it will serve my purpose well. The background is just an image I threw in so I could get some quick reflections. The paint scheme was modeled in Blender, rendered, touched up in the Gimp, then mapped to the face of the guitar(which was also modeled in blender):





If you’re still reading this, I think I might turn this into a small business venture. I enjoyed modeling this guitar. I may start something where I realize ideas that people have for paint schemes and whatnot. For guitars definitely, cars maybe, tattoos possibly. That’s all. I’m done typing.