Electric Guitar - Mexican Stratocaster (Fender)

At first I have to say sorry for my bad English language style, but I hope, you can read it^^’

Finally after one (very long) day I finished my newest Project: to blender my own Guitar, a mexican Stratocaster.
It’s not that big project, I know, but for only one day it looks really realistic I think.^^

And yeah, there are some numbers missing on the volume and tone control knobs, and some details left out, but I wanted to get the project in one day.
The mesh is bad faced too, but it’s a static object – so, who cares^^
I started with Blender 2 years ago, but with a long break after this. I restarted to blender active (more than just 1 hour a week) in autumn 2013, so I don’t have so much skills and experience now.

Polygones: ~ 3.6 millions (most of them are because subsurf and little details at the saddles)
Rendering Time: ~ 5 minutes (yes, I have a very old computer^^)

[This little project is for my application for PixableStudios (a small animation-studio in Dresden, Germany). I know, it’s not perfect, but I hope it is enough to be accepted ;)]

That’s a pretty good job on the modelling and materials. Especially from only 1 day’s work :wink:
I think it could be better if it was laying on some sort of table with a blurry reflection instead of just hanging in space. Also would be nice if the lugs were reflecting some environment. The way they are looks kind of foggy because they have nothing to reflect. I like the texture on the heavy strings.

Thanks for the ideas : )
Yeah, after I finished it, I felt the same, it looks a bit boring with no environment. maybe i will add some in the next days.^^