Electric Guitar

ok well here it is


C and C welcomed

I dont see anything

EDIT: ah, now I do. Nice, I like the cartoonshader

what do you mean?

Yea it looks very good, I don’t like the shape of the head but still good. I just finished a bass guitar today so I’ll go ahead and post it here.


Gorillaz: that looks very nice, good work.

Peasley: it is generally considered fairly rude to post your own art in another person’s thread, just so you know.

O is it? I’ll take them down. I’m relatively new here.

i dont mind if you post your bass

nice job guys ! you rock :wink:
hmm… do we have a drummer to start rolling a band ?

Thats one FAT “E” String! :slight_smile:
looks nice thoug!