Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar, made with blender, rendered in Indigo.
Took some 7 hours or so to render and additional post pro with Adobe Photoshop CS.

Click for bigger image.(600x800)

So, what do you guys think?

There is a severe lack of thickness for the style of guitar. The body should be at least 3 times thicker. Also, the hard edges around the curved portion of the body is very distracting. Add some subsurf and then smooth that out.


It is thick enough. You just can’t see it at this angle.
Or do you want it to be like this? :smiley:

I’d go in between the two. Looks quite good by the way.

The moddeling is good the only thing is the guitar looks a bit shoppy on some parts, work on that. I think you added to much noise. And do something with the blach material cuz the way it looks now I dont really like it, make it more reflectable. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well. Its rendered in Indigo so the grainyness depends on how long I render it. Well, before going to school I left it rendering and when I came back, it was done. 7 hours or so.
Yeah, the black material is driving my crazy. If it were in YafRay or Blender Internal then it wouldn’t be such a problem.