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Hey this is my second completed project, i can never usually be bothered to finish :frowning:

rendered with blender internal (because something goes wrong when i render it with yafray) and theres probably a hundred things wrong with it :slight_smile:


the color isnt right to me…other then that i really like it…4stars

yea good job, is it an SG?

and if it is did you use a reference image?

no im pretty sure its a fender…could be a SG tho. but im like 80% sure its a fender cuz SGs the top part close to the neck is more pointed…not like Super Duper pointed…but its some what pointed

There’s several issues with this…
The body: too thin.
The kneck: too thick.
The frets: they seem to be segmented. Not sure if that’s the lighting or the model, but they don’t look right. Also they stop before the fingerboard does. (Frets are hard to get right.)
The knobs: they seem to be oddly placed; too far up the body. You couldn’t play without constantly knocking them.
The metalwork: texture needs work. It’s too bright and doesn’t look metallic. Needs a reflection map and/or raytraced reflection.

It’s a good start, but probably belongs in the focused critique section, rather than finished projects.
(Sorry if this seems harsh, but pictures of anatomically incorrect musical instruments is one of my pet peeves.)

That looks more like a strat, only its a little off. An SG has more pointed edges, here is a pic:

SG’s are my favorite guitars, I used to have a Les Paul Custom that was shaped like an SG and I was STUPID and sold it, heres a pic of it:
(mine didn’t have the whammy set up on it though, I miss it…:o)

i have olny an Mitchell acoustic guitar =(…but my dream guiat is a 7string Les Paul goth look with a purple pick gard and like a really sweet design on the body and like some weird design on the neck…starts drooling…that would be sweet

I have a Schecter Omen 7 string right now, its pretty cool, 7 strings take a long time to get used to and honestly, I hardly ever use that 7th string haha.


Thanks =)

@mack, nfollmer and Lilgrudgeboy

I mainly modeled the main shape of the body on a Schecter (I don’t know if anyone has heard of it, but i havn’t :slight_smile: .) and i did the rest just from memory and random pictures of guitars that i found on google.


Thank you for pointing those out, i would of never realized most of them ( especially the knobs :S)

Yeah, I have heard of them, I play one :RocknRoll: They are the only guitars that I never had to tweak to get the sound I want. Plus, they are pretty good at playing many styles, I mainly play rock, metal, and some blues on it. I can take some pics of mine if you want some references?

Where’s the jack? You need to plug this thing in, or it won’t be much good.

Also, it looks like you have the body of a Fender Strat, the bridge of a Telecaster, and the pickup setup of an Les Paul.

While it’s perfectly acceptable to mix and match when you’re modeling, it doesn’t communicate as much realism as it would if you pick a design and go off it %100.

The textures too are… try to clean them up. Something like this for example has fairly simple, yet beautiful, texture. http://images.guitarcenter.com/products/optionlarge/Fender/327490jpg.jpg

Good luck.

nice one snake like the the pattern on the flooring too, as well as the attention to detail

I dont think that im in any position to give critique on someone elses work right now, but the high (e, b, g) strings all look the same size.

A minor thing which could be easily fixed, unless its just the way im looking at it, or low resolution.
Also, i dont know what you used for a reference, but its unusual for the frets to end leaving so much bare maplewood on the neck joint.

and yeah, like the man said, it could use a jack plug :stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise, its sweet.

hey I’m a member onthis guitar site,
you got enough technical information on here to build a super precise model next time