Electric Guitar

Hello there ! It was about time that I did something on this forum !
Since I’m kind of a beginner in Blender, I’ve been working on this electric guitar which is more or less based on a Fender Guitar.

Right now, I’m trying to make the strings and I thought about using curves to do so. What do you think ?

the basic shape looks ok. I’m not sure how you would want to make the strings but if you google blender guitar strings there are several hits that may have what you need.

Thank you for the feedback, I know it’s a bit quick to judge since I didn’t even made the materials… There will be a more lot to correct here !
I started the strings like I intended to do, and the curves seem to work, although I’ll check out other methods as well later.

Here is the current result, the basic modelling is done. I started the materials (very quickly as you can see) and I think I’ll go for a cartoonish style. I’ll check out how to use freestyle properly and after that work again on the materials.