Electric Indigo & Amorphous solids

I’m studying some materials and there physical properties for fun, and so i can better understand how to make realistic materials.
Here is a test with Indigo i put in the technical info for the color Indigo (the color not the renderer) The sphere on the right is actual color of normal indigo (r 75, g 0, b 130), which you can not reproduce on a computer screen, so they made a subsitute color which is called “Electric indigo” (on the right r 102, g 0, b 255).

Also I looked at glass and, that was very interesting!
As a lot of people know, it’s technically a liquid, or actually more specifically an amorphous solid.

Well that is about as far as i got for now, i might research some more later.
I hope this is even remotely interesting to somebody…

Sorry about the stupid watermark thing, but i wanted to attach the render.


I should have know this wasn’t interesting to anybody.

“which you can not reproduce on a computer screen”


What about the new laser TVs which can display 90% of the colours visible to the human eye…supposedly.

Well that’s what i read on Wkipedia.

Are they both on the right?
The larger sphere is close to indigo from memory, but I can only see it properly at an extreme angle from the side on my lcd monitor. The smaller is everywhere visible, but
it seems a little too blue for indigo.

Nope they are excact properties, according wikipedia, if it seems wrong it’s probably your monitor.