Electric light bulb, rendered with Cycles.

This one was inspired by a tutorial by Jonathan Williamson at Blender Cookie long ago. I just wanted to see it “live” with Cycles. :slight_smile: Rendered with 20 000 samples with CPU for ~8hrs. I also made another version with a coiled wire instead of a straight one, but I’ll upload it tomorrow as it’s gonna render tonight.

Big bulb or small wood? Looks awesome!

the bulb is way too big compared to the floor… but overall looks nice.

Attack of the giant killer light bulb lol

Looks awesome though, nice job!

Hi again, I followed your advice and here is another render, with the size of the bulb corrected. Also, I modeled a coiled wire to replace the straight one in the previous render.

I like the wood very much, especially the one in the middle!

i want to say :

perfect !

please post your render time , hardware used

It is a CPU-only render, no GPU’s involved. It took ~8hrs to complete @20 000 samples per pixel.
Intel Core i5, quad-core @3.3 GHz.
The glass and chrome materials tend to produce tremendous amounts of noise, hence the high sample count.