Electric Lightings modelling?

Hi to everyone

I would like to know if someone can suggest me the best way (or a good way) to model and render an electric lighting (I mean, like the ones occuring in a storm) with Blender … it is not for an animation, but for a still image …

I presume I can do something with particle, or maybe a real 3D model with some suitable texture and maybe the glow effect from the sequencer … just curious to know how you expert will do such an effect …

thanks a lot, Riccardo :slight_smile:

You could give the L-System plugin a try. Typically it is meant to create trees, but possibly it works for lightning also.

Hey Usagi

thanks a lot … this is a great idea, I didn’t thought about L-system … I’ll give it a try, thanks a lot :slight_smile:


If I remember right S68 wrote a tutorial on creating lightning like you want from the lsystem script. Do a search for his name then go to his website.

nevermind I found it http://www.selleri.org/Blender/
his tutorial is called lightning bolts

Caronte has the best electrical arcing effect that I’ve seen. He has an animation, but it would still look good as a still.
Go to the Gallery and look at “Electric FX”