electric motor

i’m working to make a model of an industrial electrical motor AC induction

so here is the beginning of the model hopefully i can complete this inisde a week
first pic is the body of the motor
and the second is the faceplate in front


em, wrong section? good modelling anyway

this is where you put things in progress is n it ?

Is the motor intended for real-time use? if not, it should be in general wip. Unless it’s gonna be alone in it’s scene, it looks pretty high poly for the bge.

This is the GAME ENGINE support and discussion forum.
Not the modeling one…

it is a high poly model not for game
but a general model i tough this was the WIP for this unless there is another one!

where is the general WIP ?

ok sorryy i clicked on the wrong forum WIP - now i do i transfert that to the other General WIP
any ideas are welcome?


I’d just ask a mod. PM blendenzo, OTO, or PlantPerson

i’ simply let this one go
and open a new post in the gen WIP

lets’ say that this post is closed