Electric station! yay! (gas station)

i started this about 15 minutes ago and heres wat i got… im attempting to make this a night scene… but i dont think its gonna work out… maybe a crime scene:rolleyes: or somethin…lightings pretty bad for now…ill try to fix it with my noobish skills at lighting:o:(


I like it already :slight_smile:

try using black as bg color.

one or two low intensity soft blue area lights (no shadow) with a spot for buffer shadows could work as a night scene, maybe :wink:

always think before you change, keep up the good work!

hey you got beging somewhere!

where are the gas pumps ?


hah lol… yea didnt really get to the pumps yet…:stuck_out_tongue: … the lighting thing you told me to do claus worked pretty well… but i still gotta tweak it abit so ill show you it when im done the fixing

small update… decided to go with electric station thing instead of gas station…i added chargers(pumps)…i changed the camera angle cause the night thing wasn’t working out good enough… and yea…C&C please


bigger render…


i found some time to make a whole bunch of angles now…most of the photos are brighter so you can see all the details…and flaws :p:eyebrowlift: …and took off the roof to see more…:ba:


just use a dark blue sky with some stars

and asphalt on the floor of the station

then put some spiot light a different places and see how it looks at night

i you cant sent PM with URL for the file i’ll put it in for you and sent back to you

happy blendering