Electric Warrior

For my 4 blender month I modeled this Tesla trooper from the game Red Alert 2.
I modeled it for a competition on Nystic.com.
It took me about 3 hours to model.
Tell me what you think :eyebrowlift: (P.S. I’m new here)


Good job!
it’s really looks like the reference picture! :yes:

the only thing I see is the metal material need to look more like bronze and I also think the left hand look a little small :rolleyes:

I was almost going to miss that… Make sure you add some reference to RA2 in the thread name next time :slight_smile:
Other than that the only thing that I don’t like all that much on it is the materials… Great otherwise :slight_smile:

I agree with wolf989, the left hand rather small in comparison and proportion to the rest of the body.

Thank you so much for the comments :smiley:
@Wolf989: You are right, I didn’t noticed…
@Lwerewolf: What do you mean ? I said it was from RA2 right ? :confused:

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The thread name is “electric warrior”… at least I can’t see RA2 in it :slight_smile:

Looks good :slight_smile:

although is the red clothing supposed to be that shiny?