electrical system in UK

from which country are you ?

the words tension and voltage are also use in french
dont’ have any problem with these!LOL

but some of the other expressions are stranger like
spur or
consumer unit for a distribution panel
changeover for a three-way which word is used for a 4 way
core for wire very strange indeed
socket for an oultet ? for me a socket is like a light socket ??? very strange one
powerpoint for a receptacle one or 2 outlets?
fitting for a fixture ? also strange fixture for me is more like a light fixture


socket- holes where you connect your plug, makes sense to me that it would be a socket, same as light socket is where you connect your lightbulb :smiley:
the other terms like consumer unit, do sound very commercial and i dont think you would hear them in a home setting. i am assuming the consumer unit is the meter and fuse box where the dwelling is connected to the supply. we would refer to them as the “meter” and “fusebox” respectivly

consumer unit for a distribution panel
-> consumer… as in the bit safe for users / consumers
But in reality we say “fuse box”, since it generally contains fuses or RCD’s…

Changeover, i.e. it uses more than one input.

Core, as in centre of the wire. Multi-core, twin and 1… Can also refer to a coil. I believe it has something to do with magnetic fields???

Socket, yes a light socket or plug socket, basically a cavity something else goes into.

Powerpoint, any number… basically same as your “outlet”. The point where to get power…

Fixture should be the thing to be attached to the Fitting… (Almost sounds backwards, but I believe that’s the right way round)

here is a power bar for my PC

about 10 inches X 1 inches wide


here is i think a sort of box on a wall
but not certain how you an mix a cooker wtih a normal outlet tin same box !
is a cooker a cookng range with some 8 or 10 Kilowatts power ?


here is a UK miniCB


here is a miniature CB
and a main CB 100 A double poles

happy cycles

here are some wallplates


here is rosette circuit


here are some 3W switch or change over switch




here is north American Circuit breaker 15 Amps use in residential housing
i set the body greyish so it is easier to see the details but in reality it should be black


If you get a 3D printer you would have a whole catalogues worth of products ready to go… man machine… great dedication :wink:

it would be cool to print these!LOL

but this could be use by manufacturers to make fake models!

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If I had one i’d never buy anything again, well except for milk so I could use the plastic bottles to print with… :wink: but then again, i’d have an excuse to never wash, wear dirty clothes and rummage through other peoples trash… :spin:

here is back panel for an Hager comsumer unit box
with a Din rail for CB’s

low sample will have to adjust color later on


here is panel with some accessories


Here is the North American distribution panel for an average existing house


comparison between UK circuit breaker 6 Amps and North American breaker 15 Amps

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That looks more like something you’d see in an old factory.

We also have 6 Amp circuit breakers too.

i know but that’s a general look for house distribution panel
there are some small variation amongs different manufacturers but the looks is about right

but i think cause most loads in North America are at 120 V we need more circuit breakers then in EU or UK

and the panel are bigger