electricity cloud suggestions, how to?

Hello fellow blenderers renderers,

I’m just trying to make electricity effect like this one shown on this image under that mage in the top right corner or around that first mage on the top. I really don’t know how can I make anything similar. I’m sort of good at using blender (maybe thats just duning-kruger effect)

No mater how hard I try particle effect doesn’t look similar at all. Should particle that is getting emitter be light source, if yes then how can I make it act as electricity. Is cycles renderer or blender renderer better at making such effects?

Is something like that even possible to make in cycles or blender render? Or do I have to use blender game ?

I’ve found this, but that is in the blender game. https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?328343-Thunder-electricity-bolt-effect