This is my concept art for an electrical contracting company logo.

nice but
what does it represent or supposed to tell the consumer ?

sorry but don’t find it related to anything electrical !

happy bl

I agree with RickyBlender … I at first thought maybe the outer “things” would representate the cables or something and the sphere in the middle was the world but i´m not sure yet. Maybe you have to overwork this a little bit :wink: btw is this Blender Internal or Cycles ? BI i guess.


It’s a blender render. The symbolism here is more physics based than electrical. Three phase motors and magnetism are two electrical examples symbolized in the logo. Phi is in there to get the egg shapes :slight_smile: It makes a nine pointed star which comes up a lot when dealing with quantum physics.

don’t wont to sound negative but !

ok i miss the phi where is it ?
for ordinary peoples it wont say anything at all sorry find it way too much artistique !

for a company logo it has to show something realist to become a nice business eye catcher

the logo right now looks too simple and done by a kid !

but your the master if you like it be happy don’t worry

happy bl

Not something i would use as a company logo,since this is important i think it belongs in focused critique.