Electronic Music Collabs...?

I have no reason for asking this, other than curiosity.:slight_smile:
How does an electronic music collab work? I mean if two artists work together like “Animal Rights” is by Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner or how Swedish House Mafia is made up of Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Axwell?
In a “regular” band each person might play one instrument but in electronic music the instruments are in the DAW, one person can do it all by themselves. How would they work together, by each person making a segment of the song, or different layers, or what?
So anyways I’m glad to hear any theories or if someone has actually done a collab or just knows for some other reason :smiley:
EDIT: Sorry if anyone thought I was looking for someone to collab with or was mislead by the title…

A collab with electronic artists tends to be, 2 guys get together, drink/smoke lots and play around with ideas until something comes of it. In the case of the Swedish House Mafia, they mostly make their own tunes, then one of the other guys will go through the mastering process. Then they release the songs under the one name. There is an interview of them on youtube somewhere talking about this.

I usually don’t like collabs as much as one person crafting the song. I usually feel like when one person develops/evolves a song on their own, it comes out in a much more personal way than a collab. I don’t think this is true for the genre of music are talking about (electro/house) as that music is generally not meant to go particularly deep. Its meant to either get a decent ‘groove’ on the dancefloor or a big response from the crowd. The swedish house mafia are very good at this (I don’t particularly like their music) but I can seriously appreciate that they know how to make tracks that will received well by lots of different people, and they have made a hell of a lot of money doing what they do, so props to them.

Back on topic, usually with collabs… its a very casual affair that depends entirely on the artists and how they met. If they are friends (which is usually the case) then its a very chilled out process. Some artists will rent a place and call that the ‘studio’ until they make something good. Some artists like the clinical feel of a studio, which has been professionally sound proofed and kitted out. Its completely subjective.

I worked in Recording Studio (which was mainly suited for electronic artists and not bands/live acts) while I was at school for work experience. From talking to lots of artists there, I found that they all had there own ways of doing things. And if they were collabing, then they would just find a ‘happy medium’ between the production methods of the involved artists. The most interesting artist I spoke to (briefly) was James Holden. He was on his way up at the time (now owns his own label and is very successful) but he said that he enjoyed smoking copious amounts of weed and really tuning into the music. He said that he had no set way of working and was a nightmare in the studio, so he would avoid collabs for as long as he could. That to me was interesting, as he had realized that he could not mold his ways into another persons ways (in the studio). Whereas, most of the other people who were at the studio were the typical ‘yea dude, lets get together, lets get wasted and make some sweet choonage’. They would then proceed to mess around for ages, produce a very mediocre track and you wouldn’t hear from them ever again.

I’ve had to collaborate with another music artist to compose some music for a Portal 2 mod.
he would write his own electronic tunes while I write my own set.

as for one piece, I can’t give a clear one on that. Then again, I don’t strictly work in the business. So I have an excuse for not knowing. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replies :smiley:
I can actually imagine two guys sitting screwing around in a DAW and then one would be like “hey lemme do something I have an idea for this part” XD
I guess it would totally depend on who the artist were then, interesting.
Also, J.F., that’s awesome that you composed for a Portal 2 mod :smiley: I’m gonna replay that game when I get the time. (Maybe I’ll find the mod you helped with? Do you know the name/have a link?)

The mod was called Tier 3. It was pretty popular on the Steam Users Forums.