Electronic Musician looking for music video.

Hello there. My name is Devin Martin. I am an electronic musician who is looking for individuals interested in making a music video. I have always been infatuated with 3d art and animation and have been a hobbyist and would love to see one of my tracks visualized electronically. Sadly though my skills were never up to the standard of which to be happy with, so I dropped the hobby and continued with music production.

I see there is a ton of talent on this site and I would love to see what you can come up with.

I have very little money so all I could offer with this project is online promotion to a few hundred fans.

About me: Simply enough. Been a Electronic Dance Music producer for 12 years and have been working on building a fan base via live performances. My discography/portfolio is at www.soundcloud.com/devinmartindj and my website is in my signature below. This is the second site that I made the request to, but the community of CG society dropped my post as spam.

In any-case if your interested contact me via the post or PM and show me some stuff you completed.

You can pick any of my songs and make what you want. I always want to see another interpretation of the music.