Electronics Entertainment Expo

I’m not a big Assassin’s Creed fan and I think the word “Epic” get thrown around a lot these days but this is fucking EPIC.

Can’t wait to play this.
I know a lot of people are complaining about E3 this year, but I am more than happy with this, Beyond, Last of Us, and Watch Dogs. Check out the gameplay demo for AC3 if you haven’t seen it. It actually got me more pumped than the CG.

@BadReplicant Last of us looks amazing as well. A lot of people were expecting new consoles to be announced. I think its a bit early, maybe next year.

Sick ! Both this and splinter cell: Blacklist ! Not to mention Halo 4 !

Allegedly the new Playstation and Xbox will be coming out next year, but I guess this is said every year. Anybody seen the Wi-U? It looks like Nintendo is really going downhill.

That trailer really is amazing, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t really like AC.

I feel like Nintendo is going to fail badly with the Wii-U. Anybody still plays call of duty? The only reason I would consider buying Black ops is Zombies. This AC3 trailer looks cool but I hated the first AC game, thats why I don’t play any AC.

pretty much the only game(s) I play (COD4 - 8). I didn’t like the first B.O. - I actually sold it, but I may get B.O.2 if there is interesting zombie-features. Do you by any chance have XBOX? (Sorry for being off-topic)

Same here, bought BO for my ps3 then sold it two months later because the bullet lag annoyed the hell out of me. Highest level in zombies was 37 with four players, took me like three hours to get there. Sorry don’t got a console right now but I’m gonna buy a ps3 at the end of the month. my psn id is the same as my blenderartists username.

Get Xbox, it costs more. -_-
No but seriously if you’re playing with friends mics are of much better quality so call outs are funner etc. That’s the main reason I got Xbox, my friends all had them and they have much better mic quality, but in you’re case it seems your friends have PS. Anyway, I’m blabbering far off topic about something opinionated so I’ll stop now.

yes, unless Wreck-it Ralph is a huge success and really turns out to be a big propaganda for the only new videogame console coming out this Christmas (“When did games took this turn to dark and gloomy?”, asks Ralph as he goes on to star a “Duty” FPS). Then kids will drive initial hot sales, but I’m not sure the kind of Wii Fit/Wii Sports enthusiasts that were the bread and butter of Wii will want an overpriced new hardware that is not different than competitors and is just too late in the game.

Just like the Wii a repackaging of GC with motion sensor controls, Wii U Will (pun intended) be basically an XBox 360 slim with a memory upgrade and a tablet controller. Talk about hipster trends and cheapness…

Nintendo’s last appealing console to me was the awesome SNES.

Anybody still plays call of duty?
I never did, don’t enjoy multiplayer, nor warrific thematics, but seemingly tens of millions of people will pay for just that.

This AC3 trailer looks cool but I hated the first AC game, thats why I don’t play any AC.
Funny, I was in love for AC1 over AC2, even though the second packs a lot more. I guess the crusades time and historic cities were more engaging to me than Renaissance and Venice…

Can’t recommend Red Dead Redemption enough, though. It’s basically Old West GTA (a game I also despise) but Rockstar really did accomplish something unique and plain beautiful here. I could live there…

@namekuseijin Wreck it Ralph looks like a really fun movie.
Call of Duty is fun with friends and when you’re not playing against idiots. I could play zombies all day.
The thing about cod that I hate is that it feels like Activision doesn’t listen to its fans and is just trying to milks us for as much money as they can with recycled stuff.
For me Red dead redemption got boring after a couple of hours. it felt really repetitive.

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