Eleitz Wetzlar visor for tele lens


Just a little something lying around my fathers collection (can’t post reference because I don’t have an electronic camera at the moment). It’s normally mounted on a LeicaIII (I think) with a Russian tele. It is/was used to correct the field of sight (and inclination) you normally see when looking true the normal visor which view is obstructed by the tele.http://i13.tinypic.com/6bwki02.jpg

It’s the first time I succeed at using UV maps (almost went mad cuzz blender doesn’t seem to be able to handle 16bit .png images and I didn’t know that…). Thanks to the people at the texturing and lighting for helping me with the lens glass (you can “see” things cuzz there are 2 mirrors placed inside the model)

Edit: it seems I inverted my bump map…bummers

Thanks for looking


Sweet man! They look like they would be the real thing! (But I don’t know what it looks like :slight_smile: ) It is sweet how you can actually see through it! Great render!