Elementals Base Meshes

Oh hai gaiz.

I need to make the base mesh for 10 different races for a game, male and female for each, so 20 delicious meshes. Yay. Of course, had I started a long time ago, I might be finishing by now, but what can I say, I am incredibly lazy.

Anyway, I decided to show them as I made em to get some feed back and all. Feel free to rip em apart.

I’ll start with the Light Elementals. They are egotistical, fine pricks. They are the purest out of all elementals, so its common for them to be very simetric. Their skin shines a bit. :smiley:



With SSS, for fun

If, for any reason, you think it looks like some Pirate of certain sea, then you’re doing it right.

It’s obviously a WIP. I still feel the sides of the skull are too little rounded. It just looks kinda off.

Anyway, fire away! I’ll get back in the morning, its 3:30 here.

Here is one of the best Tutorials I used for making people. Also, the chick you make in the end is really decent (decent looking, not decently clad). This is for 3DStudio, but it works in Blender too.


I made an update in the face, fixed the skull and made it rounder, finished the lips and the ears, eyes will be easy. The next big problem is the inner mouth… I might make his head less… Long.

The eyes won’t be a problem. I’m more concerned about the over all body.


Anyway, I just finished the overall body… I just need to do the hands. Hmm. I actually liked this technique. The result was overall better, faster and less tedious than the extrusion one followed in Joan of Arc tutorial (its still a great tutorial, though).



Mirror and subsurf modifiers. Without subsurf it has 686 faces.