Elephant NMaps.

I present myself, I am 49 years old and I am computer graphics expert amateur. I use “silo” to model and me was advised “blender” as solution of returned.

I tried one made of “normal map” starting from the following files:


the image with Blender here:


I am not able to have made one correct (whereas on “max” or “cinema 4d”, returned scenes and correct.
Can you help me?

I thank you.

PS: I use the cvs 20061206 SSE2

I don’t know much about normal maps, but it might help if you posted the correct result and the map.

The correct resultat:


All is in the thread on zbrushcentral:

  • elephant 3dsmax
  • Normal Map.

It is better well to know the subject.

Sorry for my bad english.

ok, well as far as i could imagine (based on what i hear about blenders normal map handling, as i have never used it myself) so don’t wuote me on the following, but it might help in finding more information

there are two types of normal maps. one is based on the objects normal in relation to the camera or an axis. one is based on the face tangents normal. from what i remember blender currently is limited to object normals, but is being coded to fully support tangent space normal maps…

So i hope that helps in your search.


It is already coded but currently only in CVS (development version) so you have to find a fresh build och compile it yourself. Here the normalmap info (down the page):


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