elephant warrior

:stuck_out_tongue: hi good day to all blender users. i would like to present this piece.im very happy about this because i really worked hard on this one.blender really is a wonderful program. Thanks so much, this piece is a combination of zbrush for the detailing and normal maps but the rest is pure blender. good day.:o



Looks really good but the textures are aliased … did you turn OSA on ?

Neat model with lots of character. I think the aliasing you’re seeing isn’t aliasing – it’s low resolution image textures. That’s my guess at least. But SS is right in that the textures kind of take away. I’d say that a nice model like that deserves a more careful texturing and lighting treatment.

Very good!
How about wires?
And some step-by step instruction to make an Hyppo warrior?

good day to u harkyman. i have your book sir, and i must say it was very well done.it didnt quite look good on the covers but boy was i wrong. it spoke of experience and common sense.ur book help us in our little company figure out blender.blender saved our company because we could affored to buy MAYA or any other 3d programs.actually we bought every book available on blender but ur book covered evry aspect that helped us swicth program. there are many things to learn since we are still newbies but let me extend my gratitude.:yes:. and about the texture, it was the normal maps that were screwy cause i had 4k maps.anyway ill fix that. have a nice day

thanks Carrozza ill be posting the wires as soon as i arrange it.and for the step by step instruction, ill do my best to present it but i warn u im not that good a modeler but i try.

If you are not a good modeler I’m Robinson Crusoe.
Do your best, I expect nothing less!

Ihihih, how funny… :stuck_out_tongue:

I was expecting a human rider on an elephant (also fun) but this is it’s own kind of cool. Well done!

thank u sir and i must say mr BenDansie sir ,ur demoreel for the durian projects rocks.it goes to show that it is the heart of the artist that really makes the difference.i am inspired to do better.i cant wait to see how you guys will awe the world with the durian project.more power

Very nice - Could be a new race for Warhammer :wink:

I was just thinking that it looked like an RPG character model, bib.

haha awesome

Very cool. Is he rigged?

I really like the model. Other than the comments noted above I see the chain on his arm (which looks really cool) but it has one link in the middle that is out of place, as two of them face the same direction.

that would look great animated with those skin textures

this model is really good but the textures and lighting are just so bland that the kind of ruin things for me.

I would say 5 stars for the very cool model but sadly 3 for the bland texture and lighting

I don’t know, maybe it isn’t photo real but I’d say it’s an easy 4, 4.5 stars. It’s cool.
The textures to me look somewhat stylized, but pretty good. Maybe like a PS3 game model.

I think this is a great model.
A few crits though…
His tusks look more like wood.
His nails look slapped on, and sort of like chocolate.
His torso doesn’t have much definition, I know its an elephant but come on, he’s a warrior.
And the spinal cord on the head he’s holding, it would be more curvy, and the segments would get smaller as they got to the skull.
I’m loving the tatoo’s and peircings.
And I think you should definetly render a 360.
Good Luck with your future projects.

great model…one of the best I have seen so far. How long does it take to make something like that? How long have you been using Blender?

@newjoy:thanks.ive been using blender february 2009, but been using Maya 2 years before.it took me three weeks on my spare time.for a freeaware blender can stand its ground.
@cire792: ur right.its my very first project in blender and i want to redo this character again with ur suggestions.i dont feel ive done enough to push this character.
@dashRender: thank u.
@tyrant monkey: i think so too. the textures is poor as well as the ligting.if i have time i will re psot this with better quality and scuplt details.in my defense im a poor texture artist.no talent whatsoever.but im slowly learning.thank u for viewing.
@jamminking: i had the character rigged but the deformation was terrible.but i will rigg it again and animate it.
@!nicktechyguy;good eye dude.
@avengers96.thank u.yup hes rigged but its very poor.ill post it when the characters is good.
@jeepster :thank u
@bibthebuilder.thank u so much