OK, so this is it. I’m putting together everything I know (and learning some new stuff too). Here is the base model for an elephant I am working on. I think it is nearly done, but some weird thing happen when I “Set Smooth”. In any case, feel free to comment. I will texture it next using a tutorial I found at http://www.vimeo.com/1377005.

Following that, I will rig and animate it in a short scene (content to be determined).



Looks like a normals problem.

Select all vertices then Ctrl-N to recalculate the normals.

Thanks! That fixed it right up.

search the forum there is a thread with a file sampel for an elephant done with subsurf

you cold use it too

but still fun to make a new one

happy blendering

OK, so I have added some minor details for the mouth and end of the trunk and started working on texturing. Working my way though the tutorial, things went well projecting the front. When I baked it, it came out in a very disjointed manner. I noticed my unwrapping was quite poor. Most of this issue has been resolved, however I still have disjointed triangular areas messing up my textures.

There are no double verts or edges. Adding additional seams, I worked the problem area down to the mouth (ie, trunk and face will unwrap properly).

In texture view, there seems to be faces missing that are there in object view.

Any thoughts? Thanks.


Thankfully no one replied to my last post. Again a problem with normal’s. Unwraps perfectly when the normal’s are correct.

Today I have textured the face and body onto the elephant using stencils and GLSL materials. The face came from a grey elephant, and the body a brown one. Photoshop brought them to a closer colour, but the trunk is still too grey.

This is textured with mirror modifier, so there is some really nasty patches on the stomach and to a lesser extent the throat and back and feet. To work on this I’ll use more stencils and correct the details, then use photoshop to try and even out the colours last.

One last thing I noticed was the model’s apparent unresponsiveness to lighting: something else I’ll have to look into.