ELEPHANTO - free rig

Elephanto is an elephant rig i’ve been working on. I tried to build a rig that would
be simple to use and animate. There are still alot of flaws (probably more than i know of)
and i would greatly appreciate if you posted the ones you found here.

The rig is licensed under a Creative commons 3.0 license.

You can download it here:


  1. This rig is not finished, there are flaws, and the rig still lacks features
    (facial animation ect.)

  2. Clearing the location(alt-g), rotation(alt-r) or scale(alt-s) of any of the
    objects, will mess up the hole thing. If anyone knows a solution to this,
    i would be very happy to hear about it.


Downloading now.

Its great to see someone else using Box.net. Its the best!

Pretty nifty. However, I know nothing about how rigs like that work, so after a few minutes of deforming him, I just made him into a scary bat-wraith creature.

I had no idea you could do that kind of thing :smiley:

Hi there, nice of you to release a rig.
Some notes on your notes:

  1. It is indeed a bit flawed, not entirely intuitive yet, and some parts are over responsive, which means it’ll strike weird poses when you expect it to not do so.
    You’ve got some nice ideas about structure and laying out the controls, such as the ears, tail and mouth, but it seems as if you haven’t tested and tweaked them enough.
    the spine and feet don’t react so well for instance.

  2. This is because you have separate objects as controllers, which will jump back to world origin if you tell them to by clearing loc/rot/scale. Use in-armature controllers instead. Meaning, bones. You can give bones shapes that look like those meshes if you like.

I’d also redo the front feet, they are to far backward, which would make him fall forward I think. you wouldn’t have to redo the weighting just to change the legs. Just reposition them tweak the loops if needed and add them to the weights, tweak the armature’s bones positions, and test it.

This could be a really nice rig, but I do think you need to tweak the hell out of it. clean up the blend, the hierarchy and some other bits and pieces.

thx for this rig, will try to make an animation test with him, since it’s the only quadruped i found around