Elephants Dream autosnake!

Hello all!

I guess you have seen Elephants Dream, many of you, and maybe you are questioning the same thing I question: How did they make the white crawling snake-lines in the credits corners?? Not that it’s the only part you say in awe “but how did they…”, but anyway I really like this effect, I checked the production file of the credits and I didn’t understand a lot of things. You have any ideas on that?


I heard somewhere that they used inkscape, I’m not positive though… www.inkscape.org

i think they are just curves with animated taper… basse should have more insight into this, but i remember he used bones and hooks to control the taper animation.


ps: inkscape was only used to design the font for the main “elephants dream” title.

pss: yep, i checked… the control bones for animating the curves are just out of camera view in the credits.blend