Elephants Dream codec?

I want to put Elephants Dream into pinnacle studio, which can get normal avi’s, but I’m assmuing that there is a codec I don’t have when I can only play Elephants Dream in those certain media players. Pinnacle studio can’t use quicktime files, but I need to get something in there! How would I go about doing this. I have the HD version, the 1024 version in both AVI and quicktime .mov. I don’t want to pay for this, and there should be a way to do this, because VLC can open the files, but not many other stuff? Thanks in advance for any help!

can you open them in windows media player?

vlc is its own program which doesn’t add codecs to the windows codec thingy… only if you can open it in windows media player will other programs be reasonably expected to load it.

it’s mpeg 4 right?

I don’t know exactly how the internals work, but your statement about "if media player works … " is not true on my system at least.

Vlc is the only player that will play the 1024 avi on my machine. It also reports that the audio codec is “a52” (the video is DivX). VirtualDub will play the video but not the audio, and TheCore, WinAmp and WinMediaPlayer(9) all will not play it.


Mplayer plays it but not Kaffiene or Totem.

Try to install the ffmpeg codec, that should be enough
or if you don’t have 7zip

Just found the best link: