Elephants Dream - just white guys!

Why just white guys in Elephants dream?
Where are so many different colors and two sexes!
Elephant Dream - a racist dream?

My IQ just dropped 10 points after reading this

My IQ just doubled to 10 - and I have resigned from my whites only white supremist clubs, and I just discovered that I am not white.

Come on! There were only two characters in the whole movie! To complain that they were both white is stupid. They didn’t say anything about blacks so no it’s not racist.

The only one that makes this a race issue is you, ever thought of that? If a white guy made a movie about a black guy, you would probably say “Oh, how can a white guy know what its like to be a black guy”. That way, you always have someone to blame but yourself. If you want to make a movie with black women, do it - no ones stopping you - and Im pretty sure no ones going to be up your ass about there being no white men - I would watch it… as long as there is lots of action and a lotta skin;-)

freeblender, they did that just becasue they hate you and they hate all black dudes. Didn’t you know that already? And most of all they hate you.

And if you’re not paranoid yet, I’ll set up the Psychology Couch. You will be. :evilgrin:

Joking or not, that’s just wrong. Don’t say things like that!

Ah come on, don’t get all political correct on us now. We’re trying to make fun of the absolutely stupid theory this guy has, not targeting black people.

There are also black women dreaming - Elephants Dreams!
Better Face Reality!
Obama - McCain - Who are behind those puppets?
Why not animate them yourselves?
Let us become smart! Love each other!
It is not about color! It is about money! Money is king. Have a try:

It is about having both talk cycles and walk cycles - both mouth and body!
Blender gives us the possibility to express ourselves talking and walking behind 911!
We are a family! Let us start quarelling… to start love each other… some day!

Can we expres this - walking and talking in BLENDER?
paulina and carlos daniel kissing after quarelling

I believe that is the goal! Our you have some other goal?

Yeah …here is the answer ? because some fools like you think about racism the war was invented.

Stop being a child! Begin to think it is not to hard rather complain about your stupid thoughts!

Elephant Dream - a racist dream?
Brilliant observation.

I also noticed that there were no americans in that movie. Conclusion: The Blender foundation is actually an offshoot of Al quaeda, and Ton Roosendaal is, as we speak, planning the next terrorist atrocity against new york city from his underground bunker :mad:

You win the award for stupidest post of the year, well done.

dunno, there’ve been a lot of them lately, I sometimes feel this section looks too much like the off-topic one. And I stay out of there for a reason…

Hello Trolls!
We are all Trolls?
Elephant Dreams are also Troll Dreams?
We cannot discuss?
We cannot let our charcters speak? They only have to have walk cycles?
Not talk cycles?
All talk cycles are troll cycles?
The stupids trolls lack comments?
Or better be honest! Animate both walk and talk! Jesus has the answer? Or Buddha? Or Muhammed?
Let us make both walk and talk cycles - all trolls togheter! Telling the truth - walking in love!

Elephant dream - the muliticultural movie? Or the racist one?


Animation is about KNOWLEDGE!
Talking with others is about knowledge! You have got some good way of making a meal? A good receipt?
NO - I believe - Money is King - heard about BIS?
Bank for International Settlements!
They are the ones to animate!
Have a try to understand something to animate:

This tread kinda violate the rules of the forum.

Hope this tread will be loked

To be fair if politicians knew how to use the internet they would have the stupidiest posts.

Hello Trolls!
We are all Trolls?

Hopefully you know what a Troll is… Link

Elephant Dreams are also Troll Dreams?

Or better be honest! Animate both walk and talk! Jesus has the answer? Or Buddha?(no) Or Muhammed?(no)

Seriously, this is getting out of hand. This needs to be locked.

Hope this tread will be loked
Better try to use proper english - Numaraul7 - or you not wanting to discuss BLENDER
to use for WALK AND TALK cycles!
Understand - we are all humans - we have something in common!
And we can express ourselves! Someones making a 911
and someones trying to tell the truth:

we have to use both TALK and WALK CYCLES
telling something emotional! BUT WHAT?
I believe trying to search BOTH love and truth.

C-106 Delta - is a troll?
Not wanting to discuss Elephants dream!
Better be honest - C-106 Delta! Trying to understand:

Can you not understand - C-106 Delta - it is about being honest using BLENDER?
You are a white guy?
It is not about color! It is about MONEY!!! Money is king - not color!

That is not trolling! More trying to get it 80 years later.
We better have to useSeptember 1928 also saw the release of Paul Terry’s Dinner Time, among the first animated cartoons produced with synchronized sound. After seeing it, Walt Disney decided to make one of his Mickey Mouse

Let us start to use BLENDER to discuss! with walk cycles and talk cycles!
How to walk? How to talk? Let us all have a try!

This is absolutely stupid. They never mention anything against any other race so its not racist. And plus only two characters in it how are they supposed to get every race in it so its not deemed “racist” by someone. Im guessing you want them to put a woman of every race too so its not sexist too? Get real.