Elephants Dream music video

Hi, I’m new to this site and the blender community as a whole, but so far you all seem pretty cool:)

I’m working on a video for Elephants Dream. THe song is “Lonely souls” by Unkle. (Too bad I don’t have any legal music to use…) This version I’m linking to was done in premiere, but I know how to use the VSE in blender now, so as soon as I free up some space I’ll do it in HD. I plan for the video to have some of my own animation in it, such as new manifestations that the machine could take. I dont’ really know what that’s gonna look like right now, but it’ll be mostly in the stair-steps-in-space scene, so feel free to give any suggestions or put some of your own stuff in.

here’s a .divx:

and here’s a youtube version, an older edit that was a little longer

check it out and let me know what you think


The music fits in with that freakishly well, i wonder if the crew over at elephants dream had a different idea at first,

keep going!


I’m learning the VSE in blender, and I ahve to say that, like the rest of blender, once you learn how it works, it’s fast and intuitive. I saved frame sequences from the 1024x576 version of the movie from the website, and I’ve been re-editing the video with that. I think it was set on 25fps, because things don’t quite line up with the music the same. Some of it still looks good, though. That’;s what I like about doing these videos, if it lines up different, sometimes it brings out a whole new side of the song/movie that you didn’t even see before.

On to the video, you can get it here:

It may still look a little rough with some of the cuts and timing, but it was just a proof-of-concept that I can edit and do basic fades in blender. I’ve been having trouble with the speed changer effect, though. I can slow it down just fine, but I can’t speed it up. Has anybody else gotten that to work? For me, the video just freezes on the first frame of the clip, until the next clip starts up. And getting audio scrubbing to work in Linux is another story altogether… :mad::no:

it’s about 80MB or so. ffmpeg is the only choice inblender to my knowledge unless you want to use an outside program to put the audio/video together, so I played around with the settings and that seemed like a good compromise. I’ll play with it some more later to see if I can get the fileseze down more.

Now, to go back to learning modeling/rigging/animating! I have a face that turned out pretty decent… :smiley: